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Instrumentation & Expansion Joints

Many manufacturing and automation processes require precise control of many relevant factors, including mass, flow, pressure, level, temperature, pH, density, or humidity. Our industrial instrumentation products offer you a solution to control various factors and to optimize the fine-tuning of your processes using our optical technology, which is characterized by its high quality and performance and offers you a comprehensive performance portfolio. We integrate these products into your systems so that you can use this industrial instrumentation technology to make your plant more efficient.

Level Switches

Optical Level Sensors

Electro-Optic Level Switches are low-cost, compact, optical level sensors with built-in switching electronics. With no moving parts, these small units are extremely accurate for point level detection in high-stress environments, especially where dependability and economy are a must. Solid state-switching ensures dependability over long service life as they can withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, vibration, and shock. While these sensors are less accurate for continuous level measurement, they do offer ±1 mm repeatability with no recalibration needed.

Optical Level Sensor
Optical Level Sensor
Optical Level Sensor
Optical Level Sensor
Optical Level Sensor

Float Level Switches

Liquid levels can be easily monitored using float level type switches. Level control schemes can be implemented with at least two float switches with one as the minimum and one as the maximum contactor. Float type switches are more suitable than magnetic level switches for some applications and can be used with extremely aggressive, hot, soiled, or viscous media depending on the material that is used in the float.

Float Level Switch
Float Level Switch
Float Level Switch
Float Level Switch
Float Level Switch

Magnetic Level Switches

Magnetic level switches are used for the monitoring and controls of liquid levels in vessels and are customized per customer application. They perform by having a float (or several) that contain a ring magnet that switches the sealed contact as it passes over the tube. These switches are advantageous due to their simple installation, long service life due to sealed contacts, and the fact that they can be installed on the top of bottom of the vessel.

Magnetic Level Switch
Magnetic Level Switch
Magnetic Level Switch
Magnetic Level Switch
Magnetic Level Switch

We also have experience at integrating the following level switches types in our applications:

  • Conductive Level Switch
  • Microwave Level Switch
  • Capacitive Level Switch

Temperature Sensors and Switches

Temperature is one of the most common measurement parameters used for monitoring and control in process industries. We represent and specify the newest temperature sensing products their technical advances will impart higher a degree of safety and reliability to process plant operation. Temperature measurement remains high on the list for operational excellence throughout the plant and using new technologies results in improved safety and lower installation and maintenance costs.

Kobold Temperature Sensors and Switches
Kobold Temperature Sensors and Switches
Kobold Temperature Sensors and Switches
Kobold Temperature Sensors and Switches
Kobold Temperature Sensors and Switches

The products that will be used for your application are dependent on many factors including:

  • Temperature in the sensing area as well as the environmental conditions expected to exist between the sensor and instrumentation.
  • Distance between the sensor and instrumentation.
  • Type of interconnections the customer prefers.
  • What type of wiring system is currently in place (if not new)?

We have experience in specifying and providing:

  • Bi-Metal and Thermal Reed Temp Switches
  • Digital Temperature Switches
  • Thermostats
    • Bulb & Capillary
    • Rod - Using liquid-filled probes made of copper
  • Glass, Stem, Bi-Metal, Shaft, and Safety Thermometers
  • Digital and Infrared Thermometers
  • Sensors - RTDs

Flow Meters

A flow meter is a device used to measure the volume of liquid flowing through it and are sometimes referred to as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, flow rate sensor, etc. Eastern Reliability focuses on flow meters that measure liquids flowing through a pipe to improve the precision, accuracy, and resolution of fluid measurement for a process.

Flow Meter
Flow Meter
Flow Meter
Flow Meter
Flow Meter
Flow Meter

The different types of flow meters that we offer are:

  • Variable Area Flow Meters (Low-Volume, Glass, and Plastic)
  • Float Type Flow Meters and Switches
  • All-Metal Variable Area Meters and Counters
  • Turbine Wheel Flow Meters (Analog, Digital, and Electronic-Controlled)
  • Torsion Paddle Flow Meter
  • Rotating Vane Flow Meter
  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter
  • Vortex Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flow Meters or Mag Meters

Electromagnetic flow meters, also called mag meters or magnetic meters, are volumetric flow meters that do not have any moving parts to wear which require less maintenance and can be ordered for very large line sizes. All mag meters operate under the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, which measures liquid velocity using an obstruction-free design, which then eliminates flow impediment and operates with electrodes embedded on opposite sides of the flow tube or to pick up the signal. The principle of operation for mag meters requires that the material that is flowing is conductive and will move through a magnetic field to produce an electric signal, which is directly proportional to the velocity of the water/liquid moving through the field.

Eastern Reliability has a full line of mag meters for every application, but the two most popular models are:

The MIS electromagnetic flow meter, or magmeter, is a low-cost unit for measuring and monitoring medium-sized flow of conductive liquids in pipes. It offers 2 configurable outputs, monitoring, batching, transmitter, and bi-directional measurement capabilities. The colored, multi-parameter TFT display rotates in 90-degree increments for easy viewing, regardless of the installation position. Set-up is very user-friendly with the intuitive menu, accessed by the four optical touch keys on the display. Magnetic inductive measurement with the MIS does not depend on the process liquid and its properties such as density, viscosity, and temperature. IO-Link comes standard.

Download the MIS electromagnetic flow meter brochure here.

The new MIM all-metal electromagnetic flow meter, or magmeter, measures and monitors small to medium-sized flow of conductive liquids. According to Faraday’s Law of Magnetic Induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. The magnetic inductive measurement does not depend on the process liquid and its properties such as density, viscosity, and temperature. The two outputs can be independently set to switch or provide an analog or frequency output.

Download the MIM electromagnetic flow meter brochure here.

Additional Products

Along with all the products listed above, Eastern Reliability also has experience with pH and Redox measuring instruments, conductivity measuring, density meters, pressure gauges/sensors, and many others.

Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints not only are required to validate the warranty for any fitting side mounted to a tank, but they also result in improved plant safety and increased mechanical integrity of equipment. As specifically engineered products that are inserted in a rigid piping system:

  • Absorb movement
  • Improve thermal stability
  • Relieve system strain due to thermal change, load stress, pumping surges, wear of settling
  • Compensate for misalignment
  • Eliminate electrolysis between dissimilar metals

Expansion Joint

As part of our tank system designs, we utilize metallic and non-metallic expansion joints along with flexible couplings as they carry safety ratings that exceed product specifications in areas such as pressure and movement.

The thing to keep in mind is that not all expansion joints are the same and that every application will require a somewhat different expansion joint configuration to ensure that it performs correctly. These are not products that you should buy off-the-shelf without consulting a company that can assist you is specifying the correct product.

Contact Us with your application needs and we will work with you to ensure that you get the most cost-effective solution.