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About Eastern Reliability

Eastern Reliability specializes in the design and specification of chemical and industrial tanks and associated systems for a variety of markets such as chemical process, biomedical, pharmaceutical, food, dairy, water, wastewater, microelectronics, breweries, boiler treatment, and photonic market segments. All our products are designed to meet the increasingly stringent environmental and safety standards. Eastern Reliability also provides the latest technologies in landfill equipment. You can expect engineering expertise and computer aided design capability, along with a complete knowledge of all the ASME, ASTM, NSF, ISO, UL, FM, NFPA and FRPI industry standards. Eastern Reliability will work with you to specify the correct equipment for your applications.

Our team works closely with end users, distributors, and consulting engineers specializing in chemical and industrial containment tanks, tank inspections, product transfer industrial mixing, and environmental technologies servicing the Northeastern United States and beyond.

Todd MacGregor founded Eastern Reliability in 2009 based in Fairhaven, MA. Todd has 25+ years of experience in fluid management and environmental equipment working for leading organizations such as the U. S. Navy, ADS Environmental, Alfa Laval, Liquiflo Equipment, Blackmer Pump and Compressor, and the Dover Pump Solutions Group to scale the business to meet increasingly complex customer requirements.

Eastern Reliability - Chemical and Industrial Tanks
Eastern Reliability - Servicing New England

Today, Eastern Reliability has offices in New Bedford, MA and Syracuse, NY. Four sales engineers are spread throughout the Northeastern U. S. to ensure that Eastern Reliability can quickly respond to customers when assistance is needed. Becoming a part of The Liberty Group has expanded Eastern Reliability’s inside engineering and customer service capabilities to provide our customers with timely and detailed responses.

The Liberty Electric Products portfolio consists of products and services such as tank heaters, electric pipe tracing, fluid sensing and controls, heated mats and many others. By utilizing their more than 35 years of experience in the field of electric heat, Eastern Reliability can now offer a broad range of solutions for our customers.

All solutions are customized to meet the customer’s specific needs.