Eastern Reliability

Terms & Conditions

Terms of Purchase and Sale

  1. Scope
    • These Eastern Reliability Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale (hereafter "Terms") shall be the sole terms and conditions governing the sale of Eastern Reliability products (hereafter "Products") to the party listed on the purchase order or other order documentation (hereafter "Buyer").
    • The acceptance by Eastern Reliability (hereafter "Seller") of Buyer's order is expressly conditioned on Buyer's acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    • Seller hereby objects and rejects any and all additional or different terms proposed by Buyer, unless specifically accepted in writing by Seller.
    • The Terms described herein may be modified in writing with the signed approval of the President of Seller.

  2. Product Installation
    • Tanks are designed for atmospheric pressure only!
    • Flexible expansion joints need to be used on all sidewall connections.
    • Tanks must be installed per Assmann Corporations tank installation and use guidelines.
    • Assmann Corporation Terms & Conditions apply, read online at www.Assmann-usa.com.
    • Flexible expansion joints should be used on all connections on polyethylene tanks.
    • All industrial equipment should be installed per the manufacturer’s IOM.
    • Polyethylene and FRP tanks are designed for atmospheric pressure only. Tank vents should be 1.5 times the largest connection, if possible.
    • Purchaser to ensure that tanks are installed to comply with local, state and/or federal laws as applicable.

  3. Terms of Payment
    • Terms are Net 30 days with 2% discount for payments received within 10 days
    • Quote is Valid for 30 days. Please send a copy of this quotation with your purchase order.
    • If not submitted, the customer is responsible for all state or local taxes, duties, or other taxes and fees.
    • Quoted price does not include any state or local taxes. Customer must submit proper tax exemption certificates with the Purchase Order.
    • Please ask the quoting person for instructions as to how to address the Purchase Order.

  4. Credit Terms
    • Eastern Reliability LLC and/or our represented manufacturer offers credit terms upon receipt, review and approval of credit information.
    • Eastern Reliability LLC and/or our represented manufacturer reserve the right to request initial or progress payments depending upon the value of the project and/or the purchaser's credit history.
    • Eastern Reliability LLC and/or our represented manufacturer reserve the right to refuse credit due to unsatisfactory credit information.
    • Eastern Reliability LLC and/or our represented manufacturer reserve the right to re-invoice for interest or penalty charges if invoice is not paid in a timley fashion.
    • Eastern Reliability LLC’s and/or our represented manufacturer may accept major credit cards.
    • Interest rate is 1.5% per month.

  5. Shipment
    • Freight is FOB Factory unless otherwise noted. Offloading by others.
    • Additional freight costs for deliveries to Government, Institutional, Military, and Construction sites or installations.
    • Shipment is Typically 3-6 weeks after drawing approval.

  6. Cancellation
    • Cancellation fee of 10-50% will apply depending upon when the PO is cancelled.