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Proper Tank & Piping Installation

Eastern Reliability provides engineering support for chemical and industrial tanks and hazardous material storage by providing a comprehensive equipment solution.

For many applications, a stand-alone tank if the best solution. For other applications, the solution may require process mixing, instrumentation, or specialty process or metering pumps. For every application, there is the correct tank that provides the best solution accounting for all the technical and engineering economics (principals). Installing the tank and piping correctly is critical to the overall system's performance and to maximizing the tank's operational lifespan, which should be 15-40 years when all recommended protocols are followed.

In our Proper Tank & Piping Installation webinar, we will start with a very brief review of some key topics from the Chemical and Hazardous Material Storage webinar (March 26, 2020). The presentation will then move onto discuss proper lifting techniques, setting the tank for extended life, and proper piping techniques and protocols.

Magnesium Hydroxide Tanks

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Proper Tank & Piping Installation Webinar

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Webinar Agenda:

  • Definition of chemicals for purposes of storage; NFPA regulations.
  • What fluids can and cannot be stored in polyethylene and FRP tanks?
  • What criteria are used for determining whether to use a polyethylene, FRP, steel, or high alloy tank?
  • Information needed for proper chemical or industrial tank application.
  • Safe lifting techniques and tank features that make this more effective.
  • Proper piping requirements.
  • Application photos showing good and bad piping techniques.
  • Discussion of secondary containment.
  • Discussion of proper tank venting.
  • Tips for longer tank service life.

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